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Flagstone Spa

“Under the circumstances of remodeling, we had a very good experience.  Remodeling is stressful & we didn't feel stressed at all.  Thanks again for the beautiful pool.”

M.A. – Danville

Our Process

A pool renovation is sometimes done as a stand-alone project, but may also be part of an overall yard renovation. We strive to mesh with landscapers and other contractors in such a way as to provide seamless integration of our services, while at the same time keep you informed as to scheduling. We recognize that we are a guest while performing our work on your property and do our best to minimize disruption to your family routine during construction. Prior to preparing a written detailed proposal, we will meet with you so as to determine your vision and goals with your contemplated renovation.

Remodel Process Stages - Start to Finish

Exsisting Pool
Exsisting Pool


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